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About me

The User Experience bug bit me and it bit me well! I enjoy spending my days designing valuable, delightful and intuitive experiences for users of any service. Service Design tools are my best friends in facilitating organizations in the design proces. From user research and journey mapping... to finding out what exactly are the "moments of truth"​ where a company makes or breaks an user experience... to prototyping new ideas for a service and testing them on users... eventually to end with the well known business model canvas or service blueprint. These tools help you to turn an idea into a presentable prototype for your users or board members, in order to delight every single customer. Oh and have I mentioned I like to go through this design process very FAST? (think 48h!). Further it is in my nature to approach everything I encounter and do from a positive point of view, so Appreciative Inquiry is no stranger to me either. I've experienced the power of the positive thinking and you'd be surprised how creative every one can be when you let go of limitations and problems, so AI is very valuable to me when it comes to designing innovative new -or improved- services. Next to all the project work, I also like to write down my thoughts and experiences in a blog. If you're interested, check out

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