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Juice Connection

How can you foster intercultural exchange and social engagement? We found the solution!

We are integrating refugees and bring people to engage in voluntary work!


Many people wanna get involved in helping refugees but lacking time and don't really know how to go about. Additonally to that the image of voluntary work needs to be rethought. How can you break the boundaries that stop people to mingle and create a space for an eye to eye connection?


First of all we give a refugee the chance to do meaningful work, since they often are not allowed to work in Germany. Secondly we encourage people to get involved in helping refugees and thirdly give a platform for cultures to meet and communicate. Encounters can be created that give everyone the feeling of beeing equal. Additonally lasting relationships can be build and all participants can take profit out of it. Moreover cultural understanding is developed.


So what we actually do is that we cooporate with an organisation in Munich that is working with refugees and who have a workshop and we'll stoke a bycicle with everything needed to produce and sell fruit juice.
With that bycicle a refugee is going to different companies that cooporate with us. So during break times employees can buy super fresh and handmade fruit juice and at the same time can get informed about different opportunities to engage in helping refugees.
These information will be found on the "connection board". The good thing is that there are different options, that create an easy access since there are concrete and once off offers to chose from. It's really flexible, easy and doesn't take a lot of time. And people still get to do something!

To the Payment: The company will rent the bike for a certain day and time period and employees will pay per unit. The money will go back to the organisation we're working with and this money can be reinvested again.

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