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living together, green in the backyard

This is a series of services which motivate citizens to do gardening in their backyards.
The lack of the green spaces in the Rasimpaşa district is the main reason of the project.
The two main actors of this service are the municipality and citizens. Municipality's mission is to motivate citizens to make green spaces in their backyard. The motivation will be provided by tax discounts, some education programmes, workshops, giving free seeds, rehabilitation and pesting of citizens' backyards. The role of the citizens are gardening and maintenance of the garden.
The municipality anounces this new service to the citizens by meetings, posters in the street, sms and emails. The citizens can involve to the system by form filling on internet or hardcopy forms.When the citizens involve to the system, municipality provide the services which is told above. The garden is rehabilitated. Citizens who have the information about gardening plant the seed which is given by municipality. As a result, the backyards can get green and people can have green spaces!!


Ceyda Yilmazdoğan Aydın, Duygu Kahraman, Esra Nehir, Işık Baştuğ, Aslı Tinç, Saniye Fışgın, Batuhan Akkaya

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