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Bengaluru- Bus Pravas

New to the city- easy and clear information for your bus travel

Bus pravas is an bus travel information service that helps people who are new to the city , don't speak the local language and have no clue about city commute to efficiently use bus routes. It provides visual indicators throughout the city guiding you to the. Rarest bust stop. The bus stops have clear indicators in multiple languages to give basic information. There is audio kiosk that can guide passengers with the right information as well as route maps with time tables. The buses in itself will have its route marked on the outside to ensure commuters get on the right bus. Every bus stop is equipped with a change dispenser that helps you buy tickets on the bus carrying exact change. There are ads showing how to download an app for the more tech savvy.


This is a project by team Rolling stock- Vishakha, Srinivasa, Santhosh,Naveen, Lakshana, Chidambara

Creative Commons Licence