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Bird Binoculars

leave real life just for few minutes and go bird’s own world, nature.

Bird binoculars are designed to create an interaction between nature and human. Our starting point was increasing the awareness of birds in metropolis because in theme sound we felt like birds routine life was divided by humans. Furthermore, humans are not aware of birds in cities. They do not have any attention about where the birds are living in huge buildings. We designed a bird binocular which is located at the overpass that a lot of people use it in a day. It is focused a unique forest in Kadikoy with 3 different directions. Users do not need to pay for it. When they look through binoculars, they will see bird’s nests, birds themselves and with AR technology users can also see some information about bird types. Beside the binoculars, there is also earphones that fit with user’s head to listen to beautiful bird melodies. With a bird binoculars, the user leaves real life just for few minutes and goes bird’s own world, nature.



Creative Commons Licence