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A new solution how to enable individually adapted informal education to non-motivated unemployed persons.

Employment service has introduced a new way for the long-term unemployed to be more motivated, to upgrade their skills and knowledge and how to be more proactive when looking for new job opportunities.

The sad fact is that many of the jobs for the unskilled are never coming back. It means that retraining is more important than ever, and many of the workers with little skills are poorly equipped to re-enter education. The school environment is not stimulating for them, as it has been instrumental in their failure to get better education and thus job prospect in the first place.

Standard theoretical-plus-practical courses are well suited for them, but they should be predominantly focused on practical skills, such as applying their existing abilities with new opportunities, matching e. g. sewing dexterity with some design skills and (self-) marketing ability.

The new service combines much wider selection of educational approaches, suited to candidates' education level, age, and location. Consultants are trained to recognise strengths and weaknesses and to suggest friendlier approach than in the past.


Uroš, Luka, Boštjan, Tanja, Katja

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