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Low-Noise and Low-Emission Zones

We want to introduce low noise and low emission zones in cities for more comfortable and sustainable living

Certain areas within cities are designated low-noise and low-emission zones. Noise levels are monitored for vehicles entering the zone. Vehicle owners with too high noise level receive warning and information on how to reduce vehicle noise and reasons for doing it. Repeat offenders receive fines.

Emission levels are monitored too. Cities current emission level is displayed on road signs, on a web service and an app, and if threshold is reached, people are sent messages urging them to use public transport instead. Parking areas can be built outside of the zone so people coming in to the zone can park their cars and continue with public transportation, if the threshold is reached at that time.

According to WHO, air pollution is no 1 threat the people's health in urban areas. Noise pollution is no 2 threat. Our solution is aiming at reducing noise pollution which usually reduces air pollution as well.

Benefits: 1) better, healthier living experience for people and 2) cost-savings for governments. Reduced emissions / noise pollution means reduces health care costs.

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