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PA - Perusteelliset Arkkitehdit

How to offer nature experiences in everyday life

Feet in the sand and head in the clouds: How to offer nature experiences in everyday life.

XS size: a virtual nature experience pause

S size: a pause with an experience - nature experience with digital sounds at specific public locations, such as bus stops

M size: a moment with experience - nature experience at specific public locations with actual nature involved

L size: change of view - public spaces normally closed to the public will be opened to them, such as the lobbies of various public institutions. Nature also involved at least virtually / digitally

XL size: change of location - various spaces owned by public services, such as summer cabins, opened for work together with the public

-> We talked with people about the ideas and the broad idea was narrowed via the talks. We talked with altogether ten people and one duck was also involved. What we found out was that none of the people liked the idea of virtual nature sounds either totally digitally or at a specific Place. What they got excited about was opening up the office spaces. All of the people liked the idea of peace and quiet and opening up the office lobbies. So this is the idea that should be taken forward and developed further.

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