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This is the archive site of Global Gov Jam 2011-2018. From 2019 on please visit


An interactive and intergenerational approach to adventuring in Dundee's green space for FREE!

In response to the perceived lack of information about Dundee green spaces and wildlife we have created the following:

- Totem Poles with interactive play displays for children. Information panels for adults and children on where to find there nearest green space. The also mark the start of trails in and around Dundee. Poles are self sufficient in energy with the use of solar panels and wind power. They are also a supply of food for the local wildlife - bird feeders, nectar for insects etc.

- The Totems work in conjunction with the dTour App. A QR code on the totem activates the trail features on the app to reveal the various trails that originate nearby. Just select a trail and your dTourist experience begins.

The app incorporates Augmented Reality tracks to mark trails and can include mini tasks along the way to encourage dTourists to look for clues that are releveant to the trail they are following. Pop-up information, images and sounds can all be used to create a richer trail experience. Trail topics might typically include wildlife and history but there're no limits to the type of trail that can be created. Why not sculpture and public art leading dTourists to the City Churches' penguins, lemmings on the perth road, a dragon in the city centre etc. Or tour the Solar System Trail that starts from the Mills Obervatory, Britains only observatory that is open to the public. The app adds fascinating insight about each of the planets and our exploration of them.

And don't stop there, how about the "shop for shoes" trail or anything else tha might be of interest to somebody new to the city.

Why not create your own trails, create waypoints with the app as you walk to build your own trail and en-route tasks, ideal for school projects or your own pub crawl with mates. Or a treasure hunt around the Ferry. The possibilities are endless. Publish your trails publically or keep them private.

Offer sponsorship opportunities on trails. Start and finish at a restaurant/pub, or a group of attractions can sponsor their own trail.

- For Children we have also produced a passport to allow them to collect stamps after visiting various spots in the city. Prizes and discounts would become available. This would be supported by the leisure and culture of Dundee.


The Team:

Ethan Dalziel
Karen Donaldson
Natalie Kilroy
Pauline Combe
Alastair Wilson
Alan Dobson
Kathleen Paterson
Dave Pacione
Lisa Robertson

Moyra Gill
Jon Gill

Creative Commons Licence