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The Life Sanctuary

In a fast paced life - a place of calm

Busy places and the fast place of life can have a major effect on many individuals. Some may be effected by sensory overload which can often lead to a feeling of severe discomfort while others may be scared and need a place to escape. Some may just need a place to relax. Peaceful places are essential for everyone and these can include; a safe space, a green place, a quiet place or their own space.

The Life Sanctuary is a new public service which incorporates the new physical sanctuary space built in Dundee City Square and the services of Dandy Dundee.
Dandy Dundee is a service whereby citizens with problems can find a sympathetic ear and can find someone to help them alleviate their problems if possible. This service is a human form of signposting and engagement. The sanctuary itself will represent each of the four spaces above and will include an information zone which will offer people options around how to deal with life.


Gillian Kelly (Jammer), Carina Mitchell (Jammer), David Dorward (Jammer), Claire Wheelhouse (Jammer), John Lannon (Jammer), Chris Muir (Jammer), Aileen Smyth (Jammer), members of the public,

Creative Commons Licence