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Pimp my 156

#citizenengagment #cityhub #customerjourneymap #transparency #empowerment #accountability

How can people relate to the city hall? In Curitiba it is through a channel called 156. However, this channel presents the following problems: people dont know the system, those that know it, dont use it, and most of those users dont like it.

In order to solve this problem, we developed a new service for it, which aims the integration and optimization of the existing systems providing better transparency between the community and the city hall.

The idea suggests a whole new system by redesigning the current website and the city hall hubs. This solution let the citizens actively interfer in local policy and decision making :)

Submission files: 

Bruno Milczewski
Carolina Pizatto
Allan José da Silva
Martel Del Colle
Diego Baptista
Yasmin Reck
José Merege
Illustrações: Andressa Taucei

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