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MIAMIGOVNAV will help businessowners get their required licenses and permits completed in a timely manner.

The MIAMI GOVNAV app is designed to streamline the application process for business owners who come to the city in need of a Business Tax Receipt. Many business owners are well versed in their specialized business but often times need help getting the regulatory and administrative tasks completed before they open their doors for business. In order to get started, they usually need to interact with government agencies to obtain the required permits and inspections and to pay their business taxes. While most of the required information is usually available online or by calling the government agency, the information on the web is oftentimes outdated and a phone call to the agency may result in wrong and/or conflicting information.

With the use of our GOVNAV app business owners will have a real time list of all the steps they need to complete the process as well as obtain immediate feedback of missing information or errors.

Once they login, a QR code will be the key to keeping track of their progress and allowing employees to scan the code to access the information and address any inquiries. Also, any time during their journey through the app, the business owner can select the chat option and an employee will be able to provide support by answering any questions along the way.

Using MIAMIGOVNAV will save business owners time by reducing the number of visits to a government agency and getting the runaround; reduce the amount of time it takes to obtain their business tax receipt thus allowing them to open the doors of their business quicker; and enhancing their experience with government agencies. It will also increase efficiency for the government agency by reducing duplicate work efforts, increasing customer satisfaction, and ensuring consistency of information provided by employees.

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