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tourism, residents, trip, connecting people, security

Guiatibano is how people feel the city trough the local perspective!

Experience the city is to transcend the conventional tourism for customized experiences in alternative or specific routes. Valuing local attractions and events with special attention to the heterogeneity between neighborhoods and city communities (cultural contexts, business, entertainment and leisure), including several learning experiences by empathy in different contexts.

Encourage the self-awarened activity of local tourism partners in the generation of flexible and alternative routes to visit in town. Stimulate cultural diversity favoring ethnic and historical elements of the neighborhoods and communities.

A free and accessible platform by anyone, to attract and facilitate the visit of the city and to focus the agenda of events or public or private attractive places.


Adriane Tavares Quitas
Alex Antonio dos Santos
Caio Fialho
Guilherme Hoboi
João Rocha
Marcelo Langer
Marlon Alves Cardoso

Creative Commons Licence