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cocriation, colaboration, city, pratic action, protagonism, integration, solving city problems, citizens

Co.City is a service that includes digital and real actions, with the support of an interactive, collaborative and responsive platform, which offers desktop and mobile app versions, and has the goal to generate engagement and capacitation from the citizens, resulting in the strengthening of their citizenship exercise.

The citizen can register cooperative actions, that seek the betterment of a region of the city and its social well-being. For example: revitalize a empty lot, improve security conditions, promote events that encourage local and collaborative economy, accomplish actions of social nature etc. Ii this view, the public power has the same level of as the civilian, and can help using the same tools.

The calling to activities are shown on the app, as well as in public communication interfaces through the city, like inside buses, terminals and active streets.
Besides, people can also view governmental data (like investments, budgets, action plans, priorities etc), and also data generated by the users, based on calling to actions and challenges. All that presented in a infographic, didactic way, with options of georefencement.

All these touchpoints carry features of gamification, a score and reward system (with the possibility of mileage for public transport). The user can still contribute in moments of decision making in relation to his region, through surveys that are presented in a friendly way, the consequences of their choice. This surveys has two basic goals: to qualify the public power decision making, and empower the citizens in the process.

This way, the process awakens e strengths the idea of belonging, narrowing the relationship between the citizen and their city causes, lowering their dependence on public service, concurring to the betterment of said region, and coaxing other people to do the same.


Barbara Borges, Tulio Filho, Kahren Cook, Jefferson Santos, Iuri Alencar, Andressa Mendes, Mylena Ito

Creative Commons Licence