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Aandacht voor de Dienst Justitiele Instelling

To bring the true stories from inside the prison to the outside world. To tell the "gevangen verhalen"

Our concept is about telling stories. In the Netherlands there is a mismatch between the stories inside the prison and the stories that are being told in the outside world. This mismatch is hurting the warders as they can not talk about their work and the good job they are doing. People do not understand them and even insult them. Also the inmates experience this when they want to return to society.

So we let them tell their stories. As the inmates work and create products that are being sold, the inmate and the warden can tell their story along with the product. As people buy the products they can respond to the warden and the inmate. Therefor the inmate stays connected with society and the warden can get at least a small compliment.

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Rik Ghijsels
Arend Kamp
Tim Laukens
Helena Keizer

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