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This is the archive site of Global Gov Jam 2011-2018. From 2019 on please visit

Junkie for the junk stuff - upcycled social venues

Junky stuff supplying pleasureable environments

We do our best to solve the problem of junky stuff kept in people's homes with no use. Let's turn waste into funky spaces that will fire up the neighbourhood. What's a trash to ones, may be invaluable support to others.

We designed an online system which allow our users to:
-Create and propose their projects, request for certain items to upcycle
-Submit entries about disposal of redundant items
-Find support in creating entertaining, stylish venues

One may ask for support to their private initatives or tender a public space to be created.

Users are provided with social system, so they can easily contact each other. The most active contributors will get rewarded for their generosity.

Dispose your waste and get wasted with endless, creative fun!


GovJam 2016 Team

Project Creators:
Bożena Matynia - Online Marketing Specialist
Monika Kornacka - Public Sector Expert
Mikołaj Woźniak - Interaction Design Ethusiast

Thanks a lot to all participants and hosts of GovJam 2016 Łódź

Creative Commons Licence