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getting oriented through an interactive kiosk

Many times, public in general don't know where to go or who to address when searching for some particular subject (example: where can I obtain an education certificate about subject X; to whom I call in order to know issue Y). Even the workers of a particular section, within the public sector, don't know how they can help those in search for some need to be addressed.
With our kiosk - a sort of a touch info point - users can search by themselves or with the guidance of existent receptionists and get to know in which building it's located the service that can provide them the answer to their question; to whom they should address; where can they go and how to reach the appropriate channel that can help them.
This way we intend to provide an answer to both questions: 1) how can I provide a better help and guidance to those who search for our services? 2) how can I make our services more «transparent» and make our services more knowledgeable of the public?


Luísa Spínola, Filipa Aveiro, Fabiana Abreu, Francisco Nascimento, José Fradique

Creative Commons Licence