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Government Solutions to Improve the tourists experiences during in the Olympic Games 2016


We are the Bow team. The BOW expression the mean "black no white". This name is justified because we are living in a time of political instability and the situation of the public funds management is not clear for the Brazilian citizen. With the proximity of the Olympic Games, this situation to generates insecurity in both: tourists and locals. This way, we need to develop a solution to help the government to improving the experience of the people during the games context and by consequence , to replicate this solution in the framework of other events , such as football games, sightseeing trips, conferences, so on.

Let's Jam!!!


SENAI - Marcelo Strik
CMTU - Ricardo Eimori
UEL - Thais Zaninelli
UEL - Adryana Bontorim
UEL - Jorge Luiz Garbarino
UEL - Edison Corpo

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