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Building Brno

Uninhabitable apartments come to life as volunteers and experienced mentors work together to repair them.

The city of Brno owns many spaces, such as parks, parking spaces, garages, flats, offices or buildings. Not all of them are utilised by the city. To be precise, there are 556 unused flats owned by the city. Most of these flats cannot be inhabited because they lack bathrooms or are simply in a run-down state.

How can we make these flats usable while bringing something extra to both the city and its inhabitants? We decided to design a government service which connects those who would like to learn how to fix the furnishings and facilities of their own flats with their own hands and craftsmen who have the skills and experience and would like to teach them to others.


Maruška Ondrášková, Josef Kocurek, Petr Kalíšek, Míša Kortyšová, Tereza Navarová

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