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Explore, experience, learn new things

TETRIS is an educational project targeted to 14-18yo youngsters aimed to improve alternative educational patterns.

The name recalls the famous 80s game and want to stress out the complementary aspect of our model that wants to edge in different competences and skills out from than the ones delivered by schools.

Schools in Italy often underestimate the importance of developing individual attitudes. Hence, our project is intended to improve youngsters skills by taking advantage of the already-existing local communities.

The core of this model is found in the role of the "Mentor", that tackles in youngsters and co-create with them an individual path of activities according to their personal interests. Moreover, mentors will be in charge of keep students' motivation alive by monitoring their activities and giving advices regarding their path.

In the same way, as briefly outlined above, our model is intended to create a network of already-existing local actors that can deliver any sort of activities that can enrich the students' personal experience: classes, training courses, events etc.

TE-TRIS aims to become a national policy managed by the Ministry of Education and tested in some main cities.

Our expected outcomes are:

- students' competences enrichment
- the creation of an individual experience path
- raising the consciousness of personal attitudes, and consequently the individuals' self-conciousness
- creating a professional path that can best fit one's interests
- improve local communities by delivering motivated and competent people

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