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Adapted city for a sustainable mobility

Adapted city for a sustainable mobility.

Objective: Improvement of the sustainable mobility of Barcelona city and create a bigger conscious among the citizens about the importance of take action in being more responsible on our displacement as it impacts our health and quality of live having less contamination. We will do this through an education platform which recalls how citizens (families) move around the city, with a healthy competition between schools.

Platform: Schools will register on the platform, and then citizens (users) as kids, parents, teachers; will register and link to a school. Everyday, users will have to say how they moved, this will create a global average with a school ranking. The more green schools will win prizes, like celebration parties, excursions, etc.
And the city, will have a better environment, better coexistence (respect and compassion) among public transportation users.

Activities: Barceldam will run workshops in local schools to inform about how the platform works and to create engagement with the schools and organize the celebration parties.

What we want: Educate and create more green cities!

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