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The Mediterranean Revolution

Turning borders into bridges

The Mediterranean Revolution is a cooperation project that aims at transforming the way people and institutions approach the phenomenon and processes of migration around the Mediterranean Sea. The whole project entails a new concept of recognising people, their personal stories and their inherent rights no matter what their status.

It consists of 3 phases according to 3 different service levels:

-Rescue Vessel
An internationally funded and managed vessel which patrols the Mediterranean sea,
rescues and gives first aid to migrants and refugees

-Mediterranean "Social Bank"
A wide network of social organisations, public administrations, volunteers and citizens cooperating to give a wider range of opportunities, empower and include those rescued. An important role is given to the Personal Stories Bank, a platform of experiences used both for educational and social purposes and increase the impact.

-Mediterranean Port-City Network
An institutional multilevel network based on cities that agree on a common action protocol towards migration and share data.

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