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This is the archive site of Global Gov Jam 2011-2018. From 2019 on please visit


Easying the language for a better understanding.

Aim: to ease the communication between government and citizens.

Team: internal unit within government of experts in communication, organization and human resources.

- public servants
- citizens


- collect information
- analysis
- shortcoming detection
- feedback to users
- corrective measures
- re-start


- basedata
- app
- email
- web
- telephone survey

Corrective measures:

- training
- improve files templates
- create a writing guide
- improve signage

The citizens could complete surveys about their contact with government by telephone, web or by presential places, showing their opinion about the communication perception.

The public servants could complete surveys by apps or email, about items related with their communication with the citizen or other public servants.

We use this information, collected in "Comunicòmetre", to analyze the comunication items: language, empathy, etc, creating a dashboard about the communication state in the government, that permits to realize a feedback to public servants and to decide corrective measures.

This measures could be: training, templates, writing guides, etc.

This system of collect information, analyze, doing feedback and making decisions are a continous system.

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