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This is the archive site of Global Gov Jam 2011-2018. From 2019 on please visit


Uniting communities through small acts of kindness.

We are one day-jammers seeking to find a simple way to rebuild community spirit and engagement and promote community resilience by providing a platform to:

- Help people share and trade skills, time and knowledge
- Build new relationships
- Get to know our neighbours
- Do good stuff in their community

Using a basic, physical presence of noticeboards in community buildings (all types - commercial, public spaces etc), citizens can post requests for help, offers of help, or ideas for community 'good deeds'. For example, an offer to pick up a library book, a request for someone to mow your lawn or offer to trade some dog walking for a violin lesson.

Noticeboards were chosen to keep the process simple, inclusive, informal and community-owned. The hope is that networks and relationships would be formed through these small acts of kindness.

Posters would be placed around the community to explain and promote the noticeboards and would also include a QR code which links to the United website. Poster straplines and logos would promote a community 'brand' and seek to dispel fears about getting involved.

The website builds upon the noticeboards, with citizen profiles giving details of their skills, ongoing offers of help and availability.


Peter Massie
Sandra Gallagher
Charlotte Britton
Tyson Payne

Creative Commons Licence


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