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Be Positive

Positive and personal approach of people building debts

Challenge - Using early warnings of debts
People that are getting themselves into debts don't give of signals that they're in trouble until it's late, very late in the process. Help (provided by government) is available and works.

1. One of the first bills that remains unpaid is care insurance (or energy/water)
2. People can not solve problems when they feel stressed
3. Small bills get large quickly through fines and added costs
4. Personal contact early on gets a good response
5. There is a large timeframe between the first unpaid bill, and

Utility and (care) insurance companies stops sending letters and giving fines. They start making personal contact and offering help very early after getting the signal of an unpaid bill. They offer skipping the fine if a person gets in touch with a budget coach from the municipality.

Person in financial trouble: extra fines
2.less stress skills

Company with outstanding bills:
1. Debts don't get unnecessarily
2. A customer with financial skills
3. service USP

1. small investment prevent citizens with large debts
2. intervene before the problem becomes a 'multi'problem
3. budget coaches process is shorter, because the problems is still small

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Gemeente Rotterdam; Lily-Ann Kock , Radar WMO Diensten Centrum; Alexander Hoogendoorn van ZorgvrijVrijstaat (West); Fred Boersma, Bureau Frontlijn; Van Es Deurwaarders & Incasseerders; Zeljko, gemeentedeurwaarder in Rotterdam; the awesome people on the streets of Rotterdam

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