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This is the archive site of Global Gov Jam 2011-2018. From 2019 on please visit

Pop-up Family

Free information catered to your needs.

The PoP-Up family is an information platform for young parents. It helps them to find their way in administrations for different themes they are confronted with as a young parent. The most important innovations of the PoP-Up Family are :

1/ The parents receive only personnalised and contextualised information that is usefull for them at that time (depending on the age of their kids)

2/ The informatiton reaches the parents pro-actively, the parents doesn't have to search for the information himself

The PoP-Up Family project is only a pilot of many other projects that could follow based on the same principles in the different key moments of their life (exemple: going to university, buy a house, to go on pension, to become independant,...)

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