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Robbie, your best friend

Your digital assistent

Cities have an incredible amount of dynamic data and information that they can send out to improve the daily lives of their citizens. Everything ranging from road blocks to cutting off city services for maintenance. Normally, citizens would be notified about things through official channels such as letters, e-mail and general broadcasts on the local news.

Robbie is an application service that not only delivers all the information a city has to offer, in this particular case Rotterdam, but also provides a personalized layer to provide the info that a particular user might need. This could be road blocks somewhere on the route they usually take to work, or even notifications about the fact that maintenance for utility services is going to take longer than expected.

One of the key things is to keep the user in the loop at all times. If a user has send out a question or complaint to city hall, they have to be informed about the process of this particular thing. With Robbie, they are!

For detailed information, check the Pitch Presentation (in Dutch).

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