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D-Gerät and the Welcoming-Office

D-Gerät is a device and app that welcomes immigrants by offering information and connectivity to locals.

We want to help people to make Germany their home. Language, knowledge about local and national policies, culture and history as well as connection to the people living around you is key to strike roots in a foreign country.

When immigrants are visiting German authorities for the first time for registration, each person receives a welcoming box.

In the box, you'll find a set of informative leaflets and maps showing places of community facilities that help you to cope with the first struggles when living and working in Germany.

But the highlight is the D-Gerät – a tablet device with an app
This is our service to help people orient themselves in the new environment and learn German at their own pace.

After registration via passport users get the chance to enter different topics of information and connectivity.

By that users can design their own welcoming journey. However, sessions for learning German and gaining cultural and political knowledge about their new home country are obligatory. The goal of gaining language ability is also part of the service design itself: While users start the app in their native tongue the navigation language changes to German when they have acquired enough language abiliy.

The app offers 4 action levels:
(1) The section "Information" offers content on Germany/German Language/ and the topics the user chose during onboarding (e.g. Football, Food, Music).
(2) "Quiz" offers users the chance to solve topic-specific quizzes and test their knowledge.
(3) "Play together!" is the first step to get to know locals. Users are offered a suggestion of local quiz-competitors that share the same interest.
(4) "Meet a friend!" brings the digital connections between migrant and local users into real life: Those that share interest connect and meet in person... while sharing their love for football, food, knitting and much more...

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