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How medical date from GP files can be made available to researchers in public health and care.

Minority groups are often underrepresented in research on patient needs. On the other hand their doctor keeps a medical file with their data and their medical history. Belgian GP's keep this file for every patient. We want to gather this data in an anonimous way and make it available online for researchers. The administration of our government of welfare and public health could take up this role. Researchers who are employed in the field of welfare and public health and academic researchers at universities should have access to these data. However they only get access to data filtered to their needs. We believe this is important to protect patient confidentiality. Researchers who are not employed at a university or government (funded) organisation need to request access to the data. We believe this is important as we wouldn't want the use of data to backfire to patients. It is important that the data is only used for health benefits of patients.

report by Dr Jan Van Damme:


Developed by Peter Huys, Filip Berten, Nico Habraken, Elizabeth Verhetsel

Creative Commons Licence