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Searching School

How to chose your right school?

The topic that this team was working in was "transparency".
Thinking about transparency, which is very trendy in governments, we thought the importance of transparency is to have information valuable for citizens. It's very good to know how much earn a politicians, but it doesn't really help to our daily life.

First idea: governments should give to the citizens information they have and it's useful.

Persona: our target are parents who have to find a school where to take their kids. To chose a school is one of the most important choice in life.

Problem: parents have to spend heaps of time trying to find how are the different schools and what they offer. The common way is surfing online but the information is spread out.
after asking some people we realize the recommendations from other parents are very important for the moment of chose.

The solution-the service: It's an online platform which integrate information from the administration about schools, and personal opinion from parents, a "parents network".

We believe this is very useful for parents, as they will make one of the most important chose in life for their kids.


Azahara Sánchez García
Tirso Camacho
Blanca López
Elisa García Morales
Nora Miralles

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