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Gov innovate!

Streamlining innovation processes in institutions

Employees in public institutions are unwilling to come out with new ideas because they fell afraid of taking risk. The support offered to them by their supervisors, structures, procedures as well as organizational culture is usually very limited.

We aim at designing a physical, social and organizational space encouraging employees to innovate as well as supporting them in the course of their endeavours. We particularly focus on designing interactions between individual wanting to initiate innovative activity and his/her supervisor.

We create 2 prototypes. One is a boss office scene: encouraging, and welcoming behaviour of supervisor, limited physical and emotional distance between boss and employee should diminish fear of employees to rise and present new ideas.

Second prototype models office space for creative activities of employees in institutions, in which they could discuss and develop their ideas. The common obstacle for innovations is that employees are closed in their small offices and have limited opportunity to meet each other in a friendly and informal space, and together work on interesting and valuable projects.

We believe that those solutions should be supplemented with some free time that employees could use weekly to work on their new ideas without fear of being accused of slathering their work time.

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