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A anonymous online platform with open information that aims at decoding big data from a user friendly approach

Service Name: Central health information network:

Context: we start from an imaginary world where the Ministry of Health has centralised all health information of autonomies, private clinics, medical records, hospitals etc.of a country.

This ministry has also been responsible for compiling all the information about allergies, virus etc in this centralized database.

Solved problem by this service:
- We are not able to carry out preventive medicine
- Researchers do not have that information analised to contrast data (ex: to compare information among different deseases).
- We break this fragmentation and duplication of services among the different areas of health: public - private doctor - specialist.

What is our idea about?: An anonymous online platform with open information that aims at decoding big data from a user friendly approach for medical, research and public use.

Who is this service for? It has three main target segments: researchers, doctors and social security users.

It has three main uses:
For doctors: it helps to diagnose their patients, contrast diagnosis with other patients, other diseases and it offers some information about the context.
For researchers: it helps to prevent disease at a macro level, according to demographic, geographic data of interest.
For patients: They can have access to their updated and long-term medical records. This will enrich the information in the service as they can update their data and keep a thorough monitoring. They will also receive alerts to prevent health problems based on their profile.

When will this service be used? when research projects are taking place, when ths type of information is needed in diseases diagnostics, when it comes to keeping control of your own health.

Where will the service be used from? from the ministries, hospitals and at home.

- To provide medical data with value
- To encourage and promote public health awareness
- To empower citizens.
- To promote a friendly and usable environment where disclosure of health is empowered.

Creative Commons Licence