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This is the archive site of Global Gov Jam 2011-2018. From 2019 on please visit


We are GovFix, the prototype of BKK public service jam 2015 "ถ่าย-ซ่อม-เมือง"

We found the problems of fixing BKK public service amenities is neglecting.

Citizen do not recognize government channel, they prefer to talk with their friends or familiar one. Problem will be solved if such people had connection with government.

Hence, "Node" or "Government Officer" is significant people in BKK restoration.

Our exploration field work reveal they had problems or low satisfaction stage in these following;

1) Official report process.
Photo capture from mobile was not allow, it was not official format. Moreover they did not know the whole process inside. They deeply suffer from this. They were just a portal.

2) Follow up.
Reported citizen was asking for feedback from the Gov Officer, they were "portal" or a bridge between citizen and governor. However, the status of fixing report can not access directly.

3) KPI Portfolio.
The governor had their own KPI set which need data/information from local staff. Real time report is essential.


Thanks to facebook and for create useful platform and free template for us all.

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