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Get–Ready for Life

Gather Experience Together.

An internet service for helping parents to raise children especially through teenager years and for recognize their responsibilities more clearly.

Parents are responsible for raising their kids but the burden is sometimes too much and their is a lack of support for them. We believe that the provision of relevant information to parents is in short supply. That is why we want to contribute and inform parents with guidelines which will enable them to make better decisions.

This is a service package for teenagers and their parents to Get Ready for Life. The package includes websites, and a teenage package, which consists of a movie "Two Stories of Pilvi" and a book "More or Less Responsible Parents" and other information.

Project could be developed further as a research- and developement project: Administration and monitoring: Ministry of Social- and Healthcare
Financing: European Social Fund developing-project, RAY, Ministry of Social- and Healthcare


Arja-Liisa Kuitunen, Marika Taipalus, Päivi Katajamäki, Reima Honkasalo, Semko Aiyubi, Susanna Vironmäki, Mikko Väätäinen.

Creative Commons Licence