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Connecting people experiencing poverty with ethical businesses looking to reuse their food waste

MRKT is a platform that connects businesses looking to pass on perfectly good food that would otherwise be thrown away with people in need. This online community marketplace makes it easier for businesses to donate food to the community, which has enormous social and environmental value.

Food poverty is a major issue in contemporary Britain. The number of people being referred to food banks has risen to record levels and the trend is set to continue in the future. The stigma surrounding food banks, however, prevents many people from applying for help. Some have turned to skipping, where people pick up food that has been thrown out by supermarkets; although many retailers and suppliers would like to help those experiencing poverty, this practice is currently fraught with legal issues.

This is where MRKT comes in. Using an online database, businesses in the food industry of all sizes can register with MRKT when they have food that can be used but would otherwise be thrown away. People experiencing poverty can access this food by signing in, searching for their nearest retailer or supplier and requesting to have it delivered. This will take place through local volunteer-run MRKT hubs.


Alison Simpson, Lyanne Manning, Anil Parmar, Liam Bolton

Creative Commons Licence