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team lioness

We want to provide cool Air Conditioning to change the world in the heat of summer

Step 1)Synthesizing/bundling ideas/mind mapping of all brainstorming ideas to themes of concern.

Lesson in step 1) even though it's GovJam, think of it from the public service side and Gov the back-end that provide the service to the public service, instead of the other way around. That helps a long with the idea.

Step 2)For time constraint reasons, focused on "secret meetings" , went originally to this journey idea, and added public transit concerns in and made first journey map. Went out to ask in public feedback on journey map #1. The feedback includes concerns of insurance, law relate to transport not capable of convert to personal use, and transit bus cannot be used for such services...

Lessons in step 2) Realizing that Journey map is not to think from service and solution side, but pick a user and think how might a user interacts with the service and develop from there. Another different thinking direction needs to be readjusted.

Step 3) So we went back, discussed, shared with other group our journey map #1 and change idea to refurbish decommissioned bus and have service delivery output via community centre . Adds user specific needs and benefit, under Kai's guidance, completed the Scenario #1.

Lessons in step 3)think specific scenarios for individual user with individual need of the service being made. More doing and drawing out the scenario and less talking about how the service might look like.

Step 4)Re-evaluation and decide to go out for last feedback before continue with the new scenario. Went ahead and feedback is on the project not being feasible due to price and service offering not clear and user definition have alternative solutions at much cheaper price already.

Lessons in step 4) The service definition needs to be rescratched and perhaps take alternative direction and requires further research.

Our group due have to break-up and rejoin other group from this point.

In general,most important thing from today's lesson: ask feedback before continuing deep down digging into the rabbit hole. It is much easier to adjust the plan the earlier the problem is detected.


Ares Lee and Cara Yu

thank Kai for the beautiful Scenario #1

Creative Commons Licence