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The "Earthquake Safe Kit" from Team Bighorn Sheep

Bighorns with big ideas.

Our Team Bighorn Sheep is ready to shake things up when things starting shaking.

The city of Vancouver is located on a major fault line and in the next 50 years it is predicted that there will be a major earthquake. Emergency management BC recommends that residents should be prepared to survive for 72 hours without power, water or medical attention.

We want to harness the POWER OF COMMUNITY and encourage residents to band together to create an emergency plan with their family and friends in their neighbourhood.

Our service enables British Columbia residents to register online with their neighbours through Emergency Management BC in order to receive a FREE emergency preparedness kit. A kit will only be sent if there are a minimum of 10 residents registered together as a group.

Should an emergency take place, volunteers working for Emergency Management BC will contact the primary contact for the group to check if all residents are accounted for. Registered members would have access to a map to residents in their area with certified medical training or first aid.

Please see our video for a full presentation/skit of our service in ACTION!


Thanks to Kai Chu at the Innov8 Collective for helping us keep moving our proposal along!

Thanks to Deborah from OpenRoad for becoming part of our team in Day 2 of this 48 hour jam!

Shout out to the Vancouver Fire and Rescue Services for the surprise visit during our jam session. Hope to see you again soon!

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