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Life Helper

How might we make the experience of finding and accessing government services simpler

Our interpretation of the challenge was a 'locked box of services' - there are many incredible services out there but they can be difficult to find. On traditional informational websites such as the information is sorted 'by department'. Our idea was to focus on 'life events': births, marriages, deaths, injury, returning from military service, being arrested and even just having to use public transport.

After our research it was clear that people understood that a wealth of information was available, but it was not easy to access. Information was presented in one huge chunk and it was dependent on the user to filter what is appropriate and what the priorities would be.

Our aim was to develop a website that would allow the user to very simply type in their life event - for our prototype we used a story from one of our interviewees who was recently burgled. The website would then present all of the information in priority order (i.e. call the police first, the insurance company later).

This idea could be applied to a wide range of life events and public services.

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John Callaghan, Phil Gee, Andy Keightley,Adam Brown, Damian Gilkes

Creative Commons Licence