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"Le Buone Pratiche" - Share and create impact!

The tools for public administrations to share good practices and create impact

“Le Buone Pratiche - Share and create impact”

“Le Buone Pratiche” (Good Practices) is a platform for public sector managers and policy makers to share projects which had great impact and results in their territories.

The aim of the platform is to mitigate the individual and systemic obstacles that prevent managers to take risk to bring innovation in the public sector by offering motivation and reputation to all those who get results, especially if scalable and replicable in other location and other contexts; it helps also to create a repository of all practices in order to inspire social change and innovation, acting on the risk inclination of policy makers.

“Le Buone Pratiche” gives to the managers the possibility to publish what they consider a successful project to share as a reference for a good practice: he/she will be required to fill a form in which to share pictures, videos, a short and a long description of the project, the team and the external consultants, the location and the period in which it was developed, the spent budget, the impact on the population and the “lesson learned” (on possible improvements and tricky passages).
For some projects big data can be used as a form of added validation of the proposal.

Once uploaded the project becomes public and open to positive and negative feedbacks from users (peers or citizens), who will validate the “good” index of the proposal, underlying the positive and negative aspects by commenting it. To give feedback every users will have to give proof of having read all the material posted by the manager.

By their feedbacks, the users will decide how good is a project, how big and positive is the impact and the ranking of the public manager.

“Le Buone Pratiche” will foster a more transparent relationship with the PA, giving greater visibility and reputation to those managers who deal with social innovation and creating a benchmark and a reference for the other ones.

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