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This is the archive site of Global Gov Jam 2011-2018. From 2019 on please visit


Increasing trust between citizens and public administration

We're working on the problem of lack of trust between citizens and public administration. Our target group is people aged 18 to 35 years. While doing research we talked with some of the public servants and a few citizens. The public servants pointed out that when people come to an administration office (e.g. to apply for parking allowance) their main concern is time. Also sometimes the clients do not understand the work that is being done on the side of public servants besides the contact with the clients (e.g. working on applicatons, filling the forms into the computer). When we talked with the users of the public services, their main concern was that the processes take long time and sometimes it is unclear where to go.

We tried different options:
- developing a web page that has more graphical elements to show you where to go and arrange the papers before leaving your home
- designing an app for the mobile phone that leads you through the process of handing in an application
- making the environment in administration office look nicer (e.g. infographics, possibility of grabbing a free coffe while waiting)
- designing a possible solution for better working environment for public servants.

In the final phase of the project we decided to develop a mobile app for applying a passport and test it in the administration office.


The people that contributed to this project were talented Damian, understanding Ditka and happy Maja. We are thankful to the public workers of Municipality of Ljubljana, who were very helpful, friendly and fast with the information we needed. Next we would like to thank to a young mother, who shared her experience with us while we were "bothering her" during coffe with a friend. On our research path we also came across two lovely law students, who were just about to go to an assessment in the field of law, but they still took the time to answer our questions.
The Jam would not have been possible without the beautiful team of Zavod8 (Ana, Ana, Amedea, Marko, Andreja, Ethan, Ales) and two doodlers (Katarina and Jernej). Thank you, guys and girls! :)

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