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A service that connects the unemployed skilled persons with local businesses and new entrepreneurial ideas

Alinhar is a platform that collects both job applications from unemployed skills professionals,and idea or requests from local businesses, organisations, and privates. Alinhar matches the right skills with the requested needs, and offers design-based strategy.

"Alinhar" in Portuguese means "to align" but in the local Madeira dialect is a term to say "to go on a date with no compromise" :) This service aims to put in contact people by filtering their skills, needs and expectations, and see if they can work together.

Alinhar gives values to people, institutions, and local business giving them creadibility. The sense of trust and credibility is based both on the feedbacks from the previous jobs, and the direct rating by users.

The service is provided both by a digital platform and physical space. The digital platform is where users can create there own profiles, make visible their information, experiences and ideas, and give/get feedbacks (in terms of rating skills and/or working relationship quality). The physical space is taken into consideration to give chance to all type of people, especially those who are less familiar with technology and social digital platforms, to access the service. This space would belong to Council which already provides an (old-style/anonymous) employment service to the citizenship, in order to cut the costs of investment.
Alinhar is based on the idea of a no-profit association made of a multidisciplinary team of professionals willing to support the public sector but, most of all giving value and new opportunities of development to the citizens

Alinhar will impact positively on the community by giving a new solution to the problem of unemployment with added value: trust, equity and interaction are the keyword.


University of Madeira for hosting the event.
PACO Design Collaborative, Budget Traveler, FromMadeiratoMars

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