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Freebeats association

Non-monetary exchange of goods and services (for members of an organization)

The aim of the project is to design a service which would function as an alternative to monetary exchange as a means of procurement of basic goods and services.

The idea is based on the premise that many freelancers often focus on a narrow field of their own work, but lack necessary skills and knowledge necessary to effectively work within the existing economic system. This often leaves them vulnerable to exploitation by stronger economic players and can be an existential liability.

The service is organized as part of an association (similar to an union) which provides the usual individual, common and systemic support services to its members in return for a membership fee (e.g., legal aid and representation, administrative and logistical support, uniform standards). "Freebeats Association" (as we called it) is open to individuals from traditionaly individual and non-organized professions (e.g., young creatives).

In addition to these general or traditional services, members of FA can also exchange goods and services among each other, thus amending their own personal economies by non-monetary exchange.

Each member can make a certain amount of his/her own good/services available to other members, and he/she receives a certain amount of credits for it. FA serves as a time bank (keeping track of the amount of credits), as a hub for advertising needs/offers and as a dispute resolution center (primarily regarding quality of goods/services). Members can use received credits directly or trade them with other members.


Nina, Maura, Blaž, Gregor

Creative Commons Licence