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Every house tells a story

When you buy or live in a house, you need to look for data from many different resources: the notary, the municipality, the architect, and even places you didn't know existed. Houstory brings all this data into 1 easy-to-use platform.

There's 2 big parts to our platform:
1/ The Dashboard: all handy data at one glance. For example: how old is your house, how many square metres, how much energy is used, ... This dashboard is a handy tool to use on a regular basis by the resident.

2/ The Storypage: a repository of stories attached to the house. For example: what famous person lived here, what did the house look like 20 years ago, what interesting historical facts can be found out about your street, ... Residents can add their own stories, either heard from elderly neighbours or information they have gather themselves. This repository will, after time, become a handy heritage resource for the municipality.

Houstory mixes hard data with personal resident stories about your house to build a profile page. Houstory is an open network between government, residents, houses and sensory data.


Frank, Bart, Tom, Marlies

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