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Transparency - Community: Connect

Connecting information, decision making and community action

Transparency is not just about pushing information into the public domain. From speaking to residents and council service users it was clear that access to information is only valuable if it helps people to give their views and influence how things work in there area. This also includes being able to find like-minded residents to take action in the community rather than just expecting the council to act.

From this starting point, we developed a web platform that could pull in key information about services and outcomes by local area, and make that available alongside social media, forums and a chance for residents to send out a 'call to action'.

In order to be sustainable, we heard that council officers themselves would need to see that they could derive value from the platform, using it to change the way they engage with residents. If this didn't happen, the unique value (that it is not just an echo-chamber for disgruntled residents) would be lost.

We called our idea 'Community: Connect' to make it clear that it was about place-based collaboration between residents and with the council.

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