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How to make it easier to inform services of your new details & better retain ownership of your own data

What is it?

A service that empowers citizens to simply update government services of their details in one place.

Why is it cool?

How frustrating is it when your details change and you have to let the Council know. And then your doctor. And then your dentist. And then the taxman. And then update your driving license. And... and... and...

Wouldn't it be great to do this once and all the parts of public service just knew? That's what databook is about.

Citizen empowerment

The second crucial aspect of databook is that you choose which services you keep in the loop. Want to manage HMRC separately? OK, that's your choice.

Theme & Development

Access. Privacy. Control. Barrier. Unlocking potential. Security.

These were the phrases on Tuesday eve that got us thinking.

  • How is personal data shared, or not shared between services? eg. when one moves house.
  • How could we make it easier to inform services of your new details and how could we, as citizens, better retain ownership of our own data?
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