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Seamless Information Exchange

We make information exchange between governmental institutions and citizens simple and seamless.

Information goes in many directions. We want to make the experience of changing, protecting and releasing, information as simple and user-centered as possible.

Each institution is a bus stop. The bus line circulates and stops at the relevant bus stops. At each stop, some data is loaded and other data unloaded.
An institution need different data at different situations. When a need occur, the servant order specific data. The "system" will keep track on what data is available at what bus stop and will ask the next "bus" to pick it up and deliver it at the right bus stop.

Data not available at any bus stop will generate a request for manual collection. All requests for manual collections will be gathered and sent in one request form to the individual it concerns. This means for example an entrepreneur will get ONE monthly request for manual data and report it all the same time. This instead of as before getting a number of request forms from different institutions at different dates and with different deadlines. Also, there will not be situations where an individual needs to report the same things several times to different institutions.

The data at the "bus stops" will be kept in different zones, each with different sets of demands on authority and identification, rules for logging and notifications. A citizen could ask/set certain data to be moved from one zone to another. Different servants will have different levels of access to (order) data. A servant could be granted access to certain (type of) data in a certain zone on a permanent, temporary or one-time level.

If a servant for example needs access to an individuals health data records, it could be available through her/his permanent access level or through a temporary granted access level. Else, she/he needs to apply for permission to order and read the journal and could be granted a one-time access. This will be logged, could be notified to the individual it concerns and/or need to be verified by the individual before granted.

Benefits for the individual:
All manual data reported at one time independent of which institution/-s requesting it
Possible to create one touch point solutions for the citizen
Possible to get an overall perspective on all "my data" and the option to control who could access it and when
Possible to set rules that some data needs to be verified by the individual before it is released and/or notified to the individual upon release

Benefits for the institution/-s:
New possibilities to exchange data between institutions
Faster and more efficient handling of different matters/errands
Easy access to more and relevant data
Higher trust from individuals for the institutions/authorities
Increased compliance to file information


Jonas Hjalmar Blom, Sofia Savander Petersson, 
Jörgen Dyssvold

Creative Commons Licence