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Getting Control of Your Online Life.

A public service which allows to identify your digital footprint—supports you to edit your personal online data stored, and simplifies any request for deletion of all or partial data.

The front end of this service can be accessed through on online platform, maintained and controlled by national authorities.

This public service aims at raising awareness about the dangers linked to using online services. It is a source of reliable information about the Internet, educating citizens about theirs rights, responsibilities and so, reducing their exposition to the risks.

Furthermore, it provides means for the individual to take control of his online data. By acting as a proxy for the concerned citizen, in his relation to the Internet Giants, the local authorities ensure that the citizen's rights are respected, according to the local laws.


Henri Niemi, Matias Rahkola, Michael Diedrichs, Omar El–Begawy, Rudy Dordonne, Tarmo Karhu

Creative Commons Licence