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Easy Makers

Support and help carers of people with dementia is a meeting point for main carers of people with dementia, where they can find all the resources and help that they need in any situation regarding the illness. Through a website or app platform, the following resources are provided:
-Resources closest to the patient with updated information
-Virtual meeting point
-Aids & subsidies
-Leisure proposals
-Associations and organizations

The virtual meeting point is one distinguishing feature of the service, as we propose 3 different kind of virtual assistance or connection: One virtual assistant that can help people with any question related to the illness, One virtual space where carers can interact, help each other and build a community, and one virtual space where people in residences can use to connect the family, as very often some of the members have very little time and don't go to visit patients very often.
Another important resource is the Cuidapop, an element that can be used in emergency situations in case the patient is lost, falls down or has any other problem.

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