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A all-in-one public service central, organized by life situations

What really makes Brazilians unhappy is the country's crazy bureaucracy.

We have prototyped the creation of a Multiple Public Services Phone Central, so the citizen can find whatever he/she needs.

What is different from other things we have in Brazil? It is organized by life situations, like "I am going to travel", "I want to start a business", "My car was stolen", "I am getting married", "My son is about to get born", "I am getting divorced", "Someone close to me has died", etc.

So, in the given example, if a citizen is going to travel abroad, the phone attendant helps the citizen to solve multiple problems:
a) to get a new passport,
b) to get information about if the visited country requires Visa or not
c) to schedule a visit to the immunization center, so the citizen takes the required vaccines,
d) to suspend water and power services for the citizen's home, during the three months when he'll be away.

We have planned that this Multiple Services Central would be available in two interfaces: Phone and Website.

We have also explained how to integrate services, with Government-to-Government negotiation and the collaboration of citizens.

We heard some other countries already organized their services by life situations, but we have never found it in Brazil.

Our group was occasionally named "Fantástico e Feliz" (FF, see? - Fantastic and Happy). So, if bureaucracy makes Brazilians unhappy, we believe that the Brasil FF would make something that the people doubt it is possible (Fantastic) to make them Feliz (Happy).


Thiago Lopes Carneiro
Erick Muzart
Adriano Domingues

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