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Local community motivator - a people's person, offering support for local change

People in local communities are often disconnected, people come and people go. How can one participate in activities then? How do you change your neighbourhood for the better? People are often discouraged from the start. Who is going to do it? Who is going to deal with authorities?

As the old tales say, people in Slovenia have been gathering under the linden tree in the past. To use this symbolism, we would place a community board named Linden tree, gathering suggestions how to make the community home. The local park is a mess, for starters.

But these are still only suggestions... How to make them real? Luckily, the Locomotive person has empowered community managers, who have volunteered to collect support from the residents. Do people like the proposal of cleaning up the park? Do they have any suggestions of their own? Would they help? When is the right time?

Now the proposal is being discussed, local community managers show the proposal of event to Locomotive, who shows the possibilities and offers to brings some financial support and tools.

Finally the event. Locomotive brings the tools, active residents join up to clean up their environment. Wishes to build a new playground also came true, Locomotive contacted a local manufacturer, who was happy to help. Afterwards there's also a gathering, a time to have fun. Newcomers can meet the community. A day saved.

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